GUM CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS, S.A. is committed to being a reference in quality, environment and safety. We are already certified by NP EN ISO 9001:2015 and in the process of being certified by the NP EN ISO 14001: 2015 and NP4397 / OSHAS 18001: 2007. The scope of the certifications is the “Production and marketing of Turpentine and Rosin”.

Our Management System Policy is:


The primary objective of Pine Rosins is to satisfy customers’ needs by providing them with high quality products and services.

This means developing products that are appropriate to their current needs and anticipating their future needs, maintaining close contact and listening to what they have to say.


We believe that the success of our company depends on the combination of competence and the performance of dedicated employees.

Our guiding principles are:

> Respect for the individual, ensuring that all members of the organization understand their responsibility in mutual respect for the rights and dignity of each one.

> Encourage our employees to develop their skills and to take full advantage of their capabilities and potential, by fostering information exchange and open dialogue.

> Provide continuous training to members of the organization in technical areas, in good business practice, in health, safety and hygiene at work and personal development as a means of developing and maximizing their professional and personal skills.

> Recognize their performance and contribution to the success of the company.

> Promote diversity and equal opportunities.

> Promote optimal conditions of health and safety at work for all members of the organization.


We seek to achieve a high level of corporate performance and responsibility in all activities by applying our business principles to our actions towards our business partners.

We strive to select, develop and promote employees and managers with initiative and empathy that:

> Combine professional competence with a leadership style that motivates people to high performance.

> Have an open mind, a sense of priorities, a perception of the needs of the company and the courage to question the established knowledge.

> Be flexible to the extent of extending their field of expertise.

> Apply these business principles in their decisions and actions.

We are committed to a high ethical level of action that fully respects the legal and ethical principles that govern our business and the overall relationship of the organization with the market in general.

We demand from our partners and from all entities with whom we are involved, the same commitment to strict compliance with legal and ethical rules for the healthy development of businesses, in particular by scrupulously respecting the rules against corruption and any forms of favoring or obtaining undue advantages.


We seek to continuously create value for our shareholders/investors and achieve sustained high productivity.

Our goal is to remain committed to research, to ensure our growth and independence, to offer employment opportunities, to cover risks and to obtain attractive dividends on invested capital.


Gum Chemical manufacturing facilities are part of the local community and environment.

We are a socially responsible organization and we are committed to developing a constructive relationship in the environment where we are inserted, stimulating mutual contact and participation within the community, contributing to the mutual development.

In order to do so:

> We maintain high ethical and social standards in our production and marketing activities, in our attitude towards science and innovation, in our efforts to protect the environment and to ensure good civic behavior.

> We also maintain a high standard in meeting local, national and international standards, cooperating with authorities, and proactively communicating with the public.

> We recognize the need to work in partnership with shareholders/investors, seeking to regularly hear their views and take them into account.

> We uphold and respect human rights and the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Fundamental Rights at Work stipulated by the Declaration of the World Labor Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

> We uphold and respect the global principles of freedom of association, respect for diversity and non-discrimination, respect for workers’ rights, prohibition of child labor and fair compensation for work.


As part of our commitment to achieving sustainable development, we seek to proactively use new processes and technologies that minimize our impact on the environment.

The objective is to produce in a sustainable way with respect for individuals and the environment, aiming at high energy efficiency, exclusion of pollutants and no complaints from the local community.


Innovation in all aspects of our business is the key to our success. Since our activity is linked to the area of technology, it is fundamental for us to identify the new trends in their most embryonic stages and to be open to the most innovative ideas.


We review our principles and results compared to industry best practices, which includes a transparent information system.
We will continue to apply directives and processes that allow us to implement each of our principles at the corporate level.